The Loved One Additional Characters

Evelyn Waugh

List of Characters

Sir Ambrose Abercrombie

Sir Ambrose once acted in a "famous series of fatiguing roles" for Megalopolitan Pictures and is an old friend of Sir Francis Hinsley. Though the two knights share a "chivalric bond," Sir Ambrose takes care to distance himself from the unfortunate Sir Francis in social circles. He is the self-appointed leader of the English expatriates in Hollywood and believes each of them has a responsibility to keep up appearances.

Dennis Barlow

Dennis is a young Englishman who lives in Sir Francis Hinsley's house. Dennis once enjoyed modest success as a poet and came to Hollywood to work as a scriptwriter for Megalopolitan Pictures. After losing his job at the studio, Dennis takes a low-status but personally satisfying job as a pet undertaker for The Happier Hunting Ground. Dennis is the hero (or, perhaps, the anti-hero) of the novel; he views the artifice of both Hollywood and Whispering Glades with a satirical eye.

The Reverend Errol Bartholomew

Reverend Bartholomew is a "non-sectarian clergyman" who performs a dog's funeral service at The Happier Hunting Ground.

Otto Baumbein

Mr. Baumbein is Sir Francis's superior at Megalopolitan Pictures. He claims he is too busy to meet with Sir Francis after the Englishman is fired from the studio.

The Guru Brahmin

The Guru Brahmin is a local newspaper advice columnist that is, in reality, composed of two "gloomy men and a bright young secretary." Aimee Thanatogenos reads the column and writes to the Guru Brahmin for relationship advice.

Juanita del Pablo

Miss del Pablo is a starlet at Megalopolitan Pictures and a special protegee of Sir Francis. To placate the "Catholic League of Decency," Juanita is being forced to change her sultry Spanish persona and adopt the image of a wholesome "Irish colleen." Miss del Pablo symbolizes all that is artificial about Hollywood and the film...

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