Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)


Gihei, a wealthy Japanese man from the country who wants to spend an evening in Osaka with O Hatsu, a famous geisha; she refuses him. Later, he abducts her for a while.

O Hatsu

O Hatsu, a famous geisha, in love with a poor young man. To save the honor of Tokubei, she commits suicide, so that his traitorous friend cannot use her lover’s money to ransom her.


Tokubei, a poor young man in love with O Hatsu. He refuses to marry an heiress, but he lends the dowry money to his friend, who refuses to return it so that it can be returned to the family of the girl Tokubei refuses to marry. To save his honor, Tokubei commits suicide, as does his beloved O Hatsu.


Kyuemon, Tokubei’s uncle and employer. He tries to arrange Tokubei’s marriage with an heiress. Too late, he learns of his nephew’s friend’s evil ways. When he finds his nephew, Tokubei already has committed suicide.


Kuheiji, Tokubei’s evil friend. In addition to taking the young man’s money, Kuheiji plots to ransom O Hatsu and keep her for himself. His plan fails when she dies.