Love Medicine Questions and Answers Chapters 8 - 10

Louise Erdrich

Questions and Answers Chapters 8 - 10

Study Questions
1. Henry Junior is mentally unsound because of his experiences in Vietnam. How does Albertine realize this?

2. Who bought the red Oldsmobile convertible?

3. Who owns the red Oldsmobile convertible?

4. Why does Lyman damage the convertible?

5. Does Lyman’s damage to the car and deception about how it happened have the effect he wants?

6. What do Henry Junior and Lyman have a fistfight over? Why?

7. How does Henry Junior die?

8. What in particular makes Dot want Gerry to return to her?

9. If Gerry is so good at escaping prisons, why is he always recaptured?

10. What act of Gerry’s...

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