Questions and Answers Chapter 4

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Study Questions
1. How is June related to Grandma Kashpaw?

2. What strange behavior does June exhibit when she first arrives?

3. When does June begin to talk?

4. Who is June the most relaxed around?

5. Why does it seem natural that Eli and June would get along?

6. What characteristic traits do Marie and June share?

7. Why is there gossip about Marie? Is it true?

8. Where is Nector when he is not with his family?

9. Where does June choose to live at the end of the chapter?

10. What present does June leave for Marie?

1. June is Marie’s sister’s daughter, so June is Marie’s niece.

2. June is silent.

3. June only talks when she directs the other children to hang her, and then again in fury when Marie stops them.

4. June is most relaxed and at ease around Eli.

5. June spent the beginning of her life alone in the woods. She gets along well with Eli because that’s how he spends most of his time. Also, they share an understanding of silence.

6. They are both stubborn, determined, and strong.

7. People think that Eli’s frequent visits while Nector is gone are signs that Eli and Marie are having an affair. Nothing ever happens between Eli and Marie.

8. Nector is out drinking, most often. Also, once a week he sleeps with Lulu.

9. She chooses to live with Eli.

10. The beaded necklace the Indians gave her to protect themselves when they first found the wild girl in the woods.

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