Questions and Answers Chapter 13

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Study Questions
1. Why did Lulu ignore Nector in town?

2. What does Lulu threaten the tribal council with?

3. Why is Lulu bald?

4. Where does Lulu live after her house burns down?

5. How is the tribal council shamed into giving Lulu land?

6. What happens between Beverly and Lulu in this chapter?

7. Where does Lulu run into Nector and forgive him?

8. What physical ailment does Lulu suffer from in this chapter?

9. Something supernatural happens to Lulu at the end of the chapter. What is it?

10. How does it come about that Lulu forgives Marie, and Marie forgives Lulu?

1. Lulu was in love with Nector and jealous of Marie.

2. Lulu threatens to reveal the fathers of her eight sons in public. This threat brings the tribal council to offer money as restitution but does not win her back her land.

3. Lulu crawled into the fire Nector caused to save Lyman, their son. The fire burns off her hair, which never grows back.

4. She and her sons camp on the land where her house used to be.

5. The Lamartines’ destitution and stubbornness shame the council, especially since their intent in taking the land was to make money for the reservation.

6. They marry, but Beverly then confesses that he has another wife. Lulu sends him off to rid himself of the tie, but he does not return.

7. Lulu meets Nector in the Senior Citizen’s Home, in a hallway where Nector is trying to get candy from a machine.

8. Lulu is going blind.

9. Nector’s spirit visits her.

10. Lulu realizes that Marie loved Nector, and now that he is dead, there is nothing to compete with her over. Instead, they respect one another. Marie has the blind Lulu at her mercy and chooses to help her. Forgiveness, too, is a power, and perhaps once Marie has some power over Lulu, she can consider them as equals.

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