Love Medicine Summary and Analysis Chapters 8 - 10

Louise Erdrich

Summary and Analysis Chapters 8 - 10

New Characters
Lyman Lamartine: Henry Junior’s brother, one of Lulu’s boys.

Gerry Nanapush: Lulu’s son, a prison escapee for most of his (free) life, who is dating Dot Adare.

Dot Adare: A fierce, strong-willed pregnant woman who knits and fights with equal determination and who is dating Gerry.

Officer Lovchik: Town police officer who repeatedly arrests Gerry.

In 1973, Albertine runs away from home by taking a bus to the city. She holds all of her belongings on her lap, wrapped up in a sweater bundle. Since the bus fare took all of her money, she sits in the station until inspiration strikes as to what to do next. The sight...

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