Love Medicine Summary and Analysis Chapters 2 - 3

Louise Erdrich

Summary and Analysis Chapters 2 - 3

New Characters
Sister Leopolda: A mean-spirited nun at the convent and Marie’s schoolteacher and nemesis.

Lulu Nanapush: Nector’s serious crush whom he is supposed to meet later that night and who later marries Henry Lamartine.

Chapter two begins with a flashback to 1934 when Marie, who is later to become Grandma Kashpaw, is ready to join the convent of the Sacred Heart. She is fourteen and wants to be a saint, and the convent is her only chance, as she sees it, of escaping the dreariness of reservation life. Her classes with Sister Leopolda have shown Marie that the Sister has an understanding of Satan that gives her purpose and meaning. Marie wants...

(The entire section is 911 words.)