Love Medicine Summary and Analysis Chapter 7

Louise Erdrich

Summary and Analysis Chapter 7

In 1957, Sister Leopolda is near death. She has grown increasingly insane in her final years, banging on iron bedsteads with a spoon and ranting about Satan. Marie decides to visit before the sister dies. Because she knows that Satan loves Sister Leopolda more than others, Marie is in no danger of believing Sister Leopolda to be a saint of any kind. So Marie puts on her good royal plum dress, cleans up her daughter Zelda, and they head up the hill together.

When they walk into the dark closet where Sister Leopolda lives, Marie is struck with pity at her shrunken, skinny state, but Sister Leopolda immediately starts in with the insults. After Sister Leopolda insults Marie’s dress, her...

(The entire section is 1104 words.)