Love Medicine Summary and Analysis Chapter 4

Louise Erdrich

Summary and Analysis Chapter 4

New Characters
Lucille Morrissey: June’s mother and Marie Kashpaw’s sister who died in the woods.

The Morrissey: A Lazarre who is also June’s father.

“The old one”: A Lazarre who brings June to Marie Kashpaw.

In 1948, June Morrissey is brought to Marie Kashpaw’s door, just as June’s son Lipsha would be brought later. Marie Kashpaw already has too many children, but the story of June surviving alone by eating pine sap touches her, so she takes in her sister’s child. The girl is gaunt and has a bead necklace given to her by the Cree Indians, who found her, in order to protect themselves from her. She never takes it off. Marie...

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