Love Medicine Summary and Analysis Chapter 14

Louise Erdrich

Summary and Analysis Chapter 14

This chapter opens with first-person narration from King Junior, in which we learn that he has chosen to be called by his middle name, Howard.

The narration then switches to Liphsa Morrisey’s point-of-view. Lipsha has just been told by Lulu that Gerry was his father, and now Lipsha wants to meet him. Lulu has also told him that June was his mother, but of course there is no way for him to meet her. Lulu’s motivation for telling Lipsha is simple—she has nothing to lose and a grandson to gain. Lulu also tells him that Gerry is being transferred to a low-security prison, and Lipsha has a good chance of being able to find him if Gerry breaks out as he usually does.


(The entire section is 883 words.)