Louise Glück Poetry: American Poets Analysis - Essay

Louise Glück Poetry: American Poets Analysis

(Poets and Poetry in America)

Louise Glück’s poetry has been remarkably consistent, both in its controlled, spare, laconic language and in its thematic interests. The universe, as portrayed in a poem such as “The Racer’s Widow” (from Firstborn), is a violent assault, in which “spasms of violets rise above the mud,” and the poet faces loss and estrangement in every human relationship. For consolation there is myth, art, language, and occasionally love between a man and a woman. With these consolations, however, there often comes either an oppressive permanence or an admission of terrible impermanence.

Another consistency seen in Glück’s work is the refusal to romanticize one’s predicament. There is a relentless vision in...

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