Louis Auchincloss Short Fiction Analysis - Essay

Louis Auchincloss Short Fiction Analysis

(Literary Essentials: Short Fiction Masterpieces)

A keen and informed observer of American manners and morals, Louis Auchincloss established himself rather early in his career as the peer, if not the superior, of such older social chroniclers as John P. Marquand and John O’Hara, with a particular insider’s gift for exposing the well-concealed inner workings of society and politics. Writing in a clear, spare, even classical prose style, Auchincloss credibly “demystifies” for his readers the behavior of those in positions of privilege and power, persons whose actions and decisions help to make the rules by which all Americans should live.

A willing and grateful heir to the “novel of manners” tradition exemplified in the United States by Henry James and...

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