The Lottery Lesson Plans
by Shirley Jackson

The Lottery book cover
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  • The Lottery eNotes Reading Response Prompts

    The setting of the story is a small rural village. Would you rather be in the country or in a large city? Write about where you would live if you could live anywhere in the world. Describe how the people of the village act as they begin to assemble on the square before...

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  • The Lottery Themes Lesson Plan

    Theme Revealed Through Symbolism:  This lesson focuses on how Shirley Jackson employs symbols to develop themes in “The Lottery.” Students will analyze and interpret multiple symbols and then describe the themes the symbols express, with a particular focus on social themes. In studying symbolism in the story, students will be...

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  • The Lottery eNotes Teaching Guide

    This guide highlights some of the most salient aspects of Shirley Jackson's “The Lottery” before you begin teaching. In helping guide your students through the text, they will gain insight into symbolism in literature and important themes surrounding the role of ritual, tradition, and the nature of human society. 

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