The Lottery Characters at a Glance

"The Lottery" key characters:

  • In "The Lottery," Tessie Hutchinson is a middle-aged housewife who wins the lottery and is stoned to death. She voices protest against the ritual.

  • Old Man Warner is the oldest man in the village and a staunch defender of the lottery tradition.

  • Joe Summers is a wealthy businessman who administrates the lottery.

  • Bill Hutchinson is Tessie’s husband; he obeys the rules of the lottery and quickly brings his wife forth for stoning once she draws the spotted card.

  • Mrs. Janey Dunbar draws the lottery tickets for her family in the absence of her husband. She throws only small stones and seems reluctant to participate.


Mr. Adams
Mr. Adams is one of the men of the village. While he seems to be one of the few who questions the lottery when he...

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