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The year is 1942; the scene is the living and dining rooms of Grandma Kurnitz’s apartment above Kurnitz’s Kandy Store in Yonkers, New York. Two young boys, Jay and Arty, wait in the living room while their father, Eddie, asks Grandma in her bedroom to take the boys for a year; he needs to travel to earn money and repay loan sharks from whom he borrowed to pay for his dead wife’s cancer treatment.

The boys fear their grandmother, who walks with a limp, her foot having been crippled during an anti-Semitic demonstration in her native Germany. She is convinced that only hardness can succeed in the world, and her sternness in raising her four surviving children has psychologically damaged them. Eddie trembles in fear when he speaks to her. Another son, Louie, has become a small-time gangster and is hiding from his associates in his mother’s apartment. Daughter Bella is mentally retarded. Gert gasps for breath when she talks to her mother.

The passage of time is indicated by blackouts during which Eddie reads letters to his sons describing his travels across the South dealing in scrap iron needed for the war effort. Act 1, after establishing the psychological problems of the characters, ends with a voice-over in which Eddie tells the boys how pleased he is that they are safe in the care of his family.

Simon mines humor from the play’s grimness. Critic David Richards remarked that, “Were it not for his ready wit and his...

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Act 1 Summary

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Act 1, Scene 1
Lost in Yonkers begins in the apartment above ‘‘Kurnitz's Kandy Store,’’ where Grandma and Bella...

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Act 2 Summary

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Act 2, Scene 1
The boys receive another letter from Eddie that says he was in the hospital, temporarily for exhaustion. Arty is...

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