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(Great Characters in Literature)

John Ridd

John Ridd, the narrator and courageous hero. His hatred of the outlaw Doone clan is at variance with his love for beautiful Lorna Doone. At last, after many adventures, including the vanquishing of the Doones, he marries Lorna.

Sir Ensor Doone

Sir Ensor Doone, the head of the Doone clan, loved by Lorna. Dying, he gives his blessing to her and John Ridd.

Lorna Doone

Lorna Doone, Sir Ensor’s ward. Captured by the Doones when a small child, she turns out to be an heiress, Lady Dugal. In love with John Ridd and hating the savage members of the Doone clan, she bravely resists the Doones’ tyrannical efforts to marry her to Carver Doone.

Carver Doone

Carver Doone, Sir Ensor’s son and the most villainous of the Doones. The actual murderer of John Ridd’s father, he is finally slain by John.

Annie Ridd

Annie Ridd, John’s sister.

Tom Faggus

Tom Faggus, a highwayman and John Ridd’s cousin. Annie’s love for Tom involves John in his concerns, almost resulting in John’s execution.

Jeremy Stickles

Jeremy Stickles, the king’s messenger. Saved by John Ridd from death at the hands of the Doones, he is later able to rescue John from execution.

Reuben Huckaback

Reuben Huckaback, John Ridd’s great-uncle, who is also a victim of robbery by the Doones.


Ruth, the granddaughter of Huckaback, who wants John Ridd to marry her.

John Fry

John Fry, who, at the start of the novel, is sent to bring John Ridd home from school. Returning, they discover that the Doones have murdered John Ridd’s father.

Lord Alan Brandir

Lord Alan Brandir, Lorna’s relative, whose brutal murder by Carver Doone is instrumental in causing her to hate the clan.

Themes and Characters

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Lorna Doone conforms to the reader's expectations of a romance in many ways, particularly in its idealized characterizations of women....

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