The Lord of the Rings

by J. R. R. Tolkien

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Book 4 Summary

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The Two Towers: Book 4
Frodo and Sam are found by Gollum, whom Frodo befriends, almost winning him over from his malice. Gollum leads them through the desolation around Mordor, but they discover that they cannot enter its "Black Gate." Gollum offers to show them another, hidden way. As they journey there, a scouting party under command of Boromir's younger brother, Faramir, catches them. Faramir learns of the Ring and their plans, but resists any temptation to seize it. He gives them supplies and warns them that Gollum's secret way, the Spider's Pass, is more dangerous than Gollum has said. They follow Gollum, however, having no other choice. A monstrous spider, Shelob, bites Frodo. Sam thinks he is dead and takes the ring to complete Frodo's task. Just as he is about to cross into Mordor, Sam overhears Orcs bickering and realizes that Frodo is not dead. He attempts to follow the Orcs carrying off the unconscious Frodo, but collapses.

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