Lord of the Flies Key Plot Points
by William Golding

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Key Plot Points

Ralph Calls a Meeting (Chapter One): When their plane crashes on a deserted island in the South Pacific, a group of British school boys must organize themselves to survive. The first two boys to congregate are Ralph and Piggy, who find a large conch in a pool on the beach. Ralph blows the conch in order to gather all the survivors from the crash. The boys meet and Ralph is voted chief. Ralph, Jack, and Simon volunteer to explore the island, discovering pigs and exploring the mountaintop. 

The Boys Make a Fire (Chapter Two): Ralph calls another meeting to tell the boys what he, Jack, and Simon have discovered about the island. During the meeting, a littlun with a birthmark tells the group about a “beastie” in the woods. The biguns laugh it off as a nightmare. The boys go to the mountaintop and begin to build a signal fire. In their enthusiasm, they create a massive fire that produces little smoke, but causes a fire below in the trees. Piggy chastises them for their recklessness, pointing out that the littluns were playing in the trees below and that the littlun with the birthmark is now missing. 

Jack Breaks Piggy’s Glasses (Chapter Three): Ralph and Jack had agreed that the hunters would keep the fire on the mountain burning and the others would help build shelters. When Jack and the hunters let the signal fire burn out, Ralph and Piggy confront them. Humiliated, Jack bullies Piggy, punching him in the stomach before hitting him on the side of the head. The blow to Piggy’s head causes his glass to go flying, breaking one lens. 

The Hunters Kill the Sow (Chapter Eight): Having suffered a blow to his ego, Jack leaves the group, forming a new tribe that others soon join. Jack and his hunters’ desire to hunt escalates into a crescendo when they find a nursing sow in the jungle. As a group, the boys circle the sow and attack, slaughtering her with markedly sexualized violence. 

Simon Has a Vision (Chapter Eight): Feeling a “fit” coming on, Simon retreats from the group but finds no solace in his special place. Jack and his hunters slaughter the sow nearby, and Simon is...

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