Chapter 8 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Who calls the assembly to discuss the beast?

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2. What lie does Jack tell the others at the assembly?

3. What does Jack do before he leaves the assembly?

4. What is Piggy’s radical idea concerning the fire?

5. What feast does Piggy supply for Ralph and the fire builders?

6. How does Roger help in killing the sow?

7. What do the boys do with the pig after they kill it?

8. Who converses with the pig’s head about the nature of the beast?

9. What does Jack’s raiding party steal?

10. What threat does the beast make to Simon at the end of the chapter?

1. Jack calls the assembly.

2. Jack tells them he and Roger faced the beast while Ralph fled.

3. Jack quits the assembly.

4. Piggy suggests building the fire near the huts instead of on the mountain.

5. Piggy supplies a feast of fruit.

6. Roger pins the sow by driving his spear through her anus.

7. The boys cut off the pig’s head and mount it on a stick.

8. Simon imagines speaking with the pig’s head.

9. Jack’s raiding party steals burning sticks to make their own fire.

10. The beast tells Simon that all the boys will kill him.

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