Two separate illustrations of an animal head and a fire on a mountain

Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

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Chapter 5 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What time of day does Ralph unwisely choose for this assembly?

2. Which matters does Ralph intend to address and solve?

3. Who first speaks of the beast in the jungle?

4. Who first introduces the notion that the beast comes from the sea?

5. Which of the boys is the first to denounce the power of the conch?

6. Who does Ralph chastise for wandering in the jungle at night?

7. Which of the boys suggests that the beast could be from the sea because all the creatures in the sea haven’t been found yet?

8. Who recognizes the true nature of the beast on the island, but is unable to express it to others?

9. Who challenges Ralph’s leadership by saying, “You can’t hunt, you can’t sing”?

10. Which two boys desperately try to convince Ralph to remain as chief after Jack breaks up the meeting?

1. Ralph chooses the early evening when the shadows and diminishing light are changing everything.

2. Ralph intends to solve problems with the fire, shelters, and lavatory habits.

3. The littlun Phil first speaks of the beast in the jungle.

4. The littlun Percival first speaks of the beast from the sea.

5. Jack first denounces the power of the conch.

6. Ralph chastises Simon.

7. Maurice suggests the beast could be an undiscovered creature from the sea.

8. It is Simon who knows but cannot tell.

9. Jack challenges Ralph’s leadership based upon his own criteria for leadership.

10. Piggy tries to convince Ralph to remain as chief in order for Ralph to protect him from Jack. Simon tries to convince Ralph to remain as chief because he believes it is the only way to protect themselves against the true beast.

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