Two separate illustrations of an animal head and a fire on a mountain

Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

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What quote from Lord of the Flies depicts Jack's style of government?

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As chief of his tribe, Jack protects his authority by any means. He instructs his savages to guard the entrance to Castle Rock and not allow anyone to enter unless given permission. When Roger approaches the gate, the savages tell him to stop. When Roger asks why, they say,

"The chief said we got to challenge everyone" (Golding 228).

Jack rules over his tribe as a tyrant who encourages violence and bloodlust. He refuses to be challenged by any of his subjects and gives commands without explanations. Jack also uses punishment to deter any dissenters in his tribe. In a conversation between two savages, Robert tells Roger,

"He's going to beat Wilfred" (Golding 229).

When Roger asks why, Robert tells him

"I don’t know. He didn’t say. He got angry and made us tie Wilfred up. He’s been...he’s been tied for hours, waiting—" (Golding 229).

Jack also propagates the belief in the beast in order to manipulate the boys' fears. Jack understands that as long as the boys fear the beast they will look to him for protection. After they kill Simon who they mistake as the beast, Jack tells his savages,

"He came—disguised. He may come again even though we gave him the head of our kill to eat. So watch; and be careful" (Golding 230).

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