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Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

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In Lord of the Flies, which character would you choose as a friend and why?

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Of all the boys on the island, I would most like to be friends with Simon. Simon is very intelligent, with bright eyes. He thinks deeply about things and understands things that the other boys don't. He is a good friend to Ralph, helping him explore the island and helping to build huts. He is nice to the little 'uns, helping them pick fruit that is too high for them to reach. And he shares his meat with Piggy when Jack is being mean to him, showing that he is really kind. He has the soul of a poet, and I like poetry. He notices the beautiful candle buds on one of the bushes, and he makes a special hideaway in a thicket. Simon also has faith and is able to encourage others; he tells Ralph he knows he will make it off the island. Simon has spiritual insight that none of the other boys have; he is the only one who understands the importance of morality in making the society work. Spirituality is also very important to me. Mostly, though, I would like to be friends with Simon so that maybe I could have prevented him from being murdered by the other boys.

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