Lord of the Flies by William Golding

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Extended Character Analysis

Ralph is the protagonist of Lord of the Flies. He is one of the older boys on the island, and his good looks and confidence make him a natural leader. He finds the conch and initially looks on it as a “worthy plaything.” Acting on Piggy’s suggestion, he blows into it and summons the rest of the boys. This action, combined with his age and good looks, inspires the rest of the boys to elect him as their chief. Ralph represents civilization and democratic government, as he upholds the rules of the conch and attempts to organize the boys to build shelters and maintain a signal fire. His focus is on rescue and the return to the civilized world of grown-ups. 

Though Ralph accepts the role of chief, his initial inclination is not to become the leader of the boys, but rather to play around and enjoy his newfound freedom. Piggy’s guidance leads Ralph to assume the mantle of leadership, a dynamic that emphasizes the relationship between Piggy’s intellect and Ralph’s natural leadership qualities. The first time Jack openly challenges Ralph’s leadership, Ralph loses confidence in himself and considers giving up being chief....

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