Lord of the Flies Summary

Lord of the Flies summary

A group of English school boys find themselves stranded on a deserted island after their plane crashes over the Pacific. Those who survive the crash elect Ralph, one of the oldest boys, as their leader. However, Ralph does not receive the votes of the charismatic Jack Merridew, the leader of a boy's choir, or the other members of the choir. Ralph who that the groups main goals should be to have fun, survive, and maintain a smoke signal to catch the attention of the outside world. 

Ralph along with Jack, and another boy named Simon become the main leaders of the group. However, soon the boys lose interest in the day-to-day tasks Ralph wants them to perform to aid their survival and rescue, like maintaining the signal fire and building shelters. Instead of working, they waste their time playing and hunting pigs. When Jack defies Ralph’s authority, the boys degenerate into a savage tribe under Jack's leadership. The tribe kills Simon and Piggy (Ralph's unpopular confidante), but Ralph escapes. The boys set the island on fire in an effort to drive Ralph out of hiding. A British warship, seeing the smoke, stages a rescue. Ralph and the other children are saved.