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Julian West

Julian West, a young Bostonian who, sleeping under hypnosis in his sound-proofed cellar, goes forward into the year 2000 to find himself in a socialistic United States where government controls everything and everyone is happy, healthy, and well-off. Julian is delighted with this new world and falls in love with a young woman of the time. They marry and plan a secure, happy life in the twenty-first century.

Dr. Leete

Dr. Leete, Julian’s host in the year 2000. He is a doctor who, like everyone else at the time, has retired at forty-five. He likes Julian and enjoys showing him the brave new world of the year 2000.

Edith Leete

Edith Leete, the great-granddaughter of Julian’s nineteenth century sweetheart. She falls in love with Julian through the love letters he wrote to his sweetheart in the 1880’s. She readily agrees to marry Julian, who has found security as a college lecturer in history.

Edith Bartlett

Edith Bartlett, Julian’s sweetheart in the nineteenth century. She saved his letters and passed them on to posterity after his mysterious disappearance.

Dr. Pillsbury

Dr. Pillsbury, a quack who performs the hypnosis that allows Julian to sleep from 1887 to 2000. He administers the treatment to relieve the young man’s chronic insomnia.

Mr. Bartlett

Mr. Bartlett, Edith Bartlett’s father and Julian’s host during his last evening spent in the year 1887.


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Edith Bartlett
Julian West's fiancée in the nineteenth century. She is from a wealthy family and becomes the great-grandmother...

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