A Long Way Home

by Saroo Brierley

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In A Long Way Home, how does Saroo’s mother display courage?

Expert Answers

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There are a few instances in the book where Saroo either calls his mothers brave or shows their bravery.

He calls his adoptive mother, Sue, and his adoptive father brave because they adopted a child from another culture. He says difficult backgrounds can make it difficult to help and understand the children.

She also grew up in difficult circumstances. His mother left school in Year 10 and got a job as a pharmacy assistant. He says her hard times made her "strong-willed and determined."

His birth mother, Kamala, is brave because she doesn't seek a divorce even though she was qualified to do so. Because her husband didn't live with her or support her, she was eligible to do so under Islamic law. She moves herself and her children to the Muslim part of Ganesh Talai because she felt the community would accept her there and because it was a more prosperous neighborhood.

She also refuses to move from the area she lived in when Saroo went missing. She stayed, despite other opportunities, because she believed that he might come home one day and that he might be able to find her. He says that if she'd left, he'd have had no chance.

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