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A Long Way Home Summary

A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierly is an autobiographical story about finding his birth parents after living in Australia with an adoptive family. The book has a straightforward style and begins with the narration of Saroo's adoption around the age of five.

Before being separated from them, Saroo is close with his family, including his mother, Kamla, and his brothers and sisters, Kallu, Guddu, and Shekila. His father leaves them to start a different family, and his family becomes desperately poor. While he is out scavenging for food with his brother Guddu, Saroo decides to take a rest on a train. When he wakes, the train is moving, and he becomes lost. He tries to find trains going back to his home, but he can't. Eventually, he is brought to a police station, after which he makes his way into the adoption system and finally to Australia.

The story goes through how Saroo doesn't even know if his original family is alive or not; after some years have passed, he decides to look for them again using the internet. The tale is very much one of Saroo's personal journey and how he feels every step of the way.