The Long Voyage

by Jorge Semprun

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Critical Context

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Jorge Semprun, a survivor of Buchenwald, has committed his life and his art to the building of a world in which such atrocities can never happen again. The Long Voyage belongs with the works of such writers as Primo Levi and Elie Wiesel as a record of what the Holocaust was actually like, and as an account of the effect of that terrible moment in history on the minds and souls of those who lived through it. In collaboration with Alain Resnais, Semprun wrote the screenplay for La Guerre est finie (1966) a film which shows a man returning to Spain to continue the struggle against Franco; Semprun also helped Constantin Costa-Gavras to adapt the novel Z (1966; English translation, 1968) into the film of the same title which was released in 1969. Under the pseudonym Federico Sanchez, he published Autobiografia de Federico Sanchez (1978; The Autobiography of Federico Sanchez, 1979), a history of the Communist underground in Spain, which continues to demonstrate that a man of the Left in Europe can also be, like George Orwell, against all forms of totalitarianism.

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