(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

Lawrence McIvor

Lawrence McIvor, the narrator of part 1; William McIvor’s son, to whom Pleasant McIvor, his uncle, tells a strange story of revenge and war.

Cameron (Cam) McIvor

Cameron (Cam) McIvor, his grandfather, an Alabama planter; good-natured except when drunk or angry, when he is dangerous and fearless. Having discovered Tyson Lovell’s unscrupulous operations, he is murdered on Lovell’s orders.

Pleasant McIvor

Pleasant McIvor, Cameron’s favorite son; powerfully built, daring, wily, and determined avenger of his father’s death. He kills off Lovell’s gang one after another, first with aid, then by himself, until in the war he gives up his vengeance-seeking. He will kill no more—privately or as a soldier—and he deserts.

William McIvor

William McIvor, Pleasant’s older brother. Tall, spare, quiet, and scholarly, he is different from the other McIvors. He dies of gangrene from war wounds.

Levi McIvor

Levi McIvor, Pleasant’s younger brother and close companion. He dies after attending William in his illness.

Eli McIvor

Eli McIvor, Pleasant’s uncle, killed at Shiloh.

Tyson Lovell

Tyson Lovell, a wealthy landowner and leader of a gang of slave speculators and mule stealers. To get rid of Cameron, he gets him declared an outlaw and then arranges his murder. Found...

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