Lois Duncan (Steinmetz Arquette)

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[In Killing Mr. Griffin], a portrait of group guilt that recalls Duncan's I Know What You Did Last Summer …, five members of demanding Mr. Griffin's senior English class decide to teach him a lesson by kidnapping him from the high school parking lot and leaving him bound and gagged in a lonely spot out of town—where, before the students return to free him, the teacher dies. (Unknown to the kidnappers, he has been under medication for angina.) The prank is engineered by the stereotypically disturbed and evil Mark…. Shifting viewpoints among the five, their families, and the teacher's wife, Duncan allots the most attention to Susan, the least involved, and she lets her off most easily in the end. It's all a bit too easy, but well-greased as ever—another of Duncan's nonstop thrillers, with as cunning a hold on its readers as Mark has on his confederates.

A review of "Killing Mr. Griffin," in Kirkus Reviews (copyright © 1978 The Kirkus Service, Inc.), Vol. XLVI, No. 9, May 1, 1978, p. 500.

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