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Ethna Sheehan

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[In Season of the Two-Heart] Martha Weekoty takes her first step away from her Pueblo Indian environment by attending high school in Albuquerque. Now she can evaluate the loving but lackadaisical ways of the Pueblo. She sizes up the white family with whom she is living—the self-centered girl, the club-conscious mother, the lovable small boys, the kindly father. Above all, she weighs her love for the white boy Alan, who wants to marry her. The author does not provide a pat answer for Martha's dilemma concerning her future, but leaves the reader to ponder things from all angles as Martha will have to do. An absorbing story with serious undertones.

Ethna Sheehan, in her review of "Season of the Two-Heart," in America (reprinted with permission of America Press, Inc.; © 1964; all rights reserved), Vol. 111, No. 21, November 21, 1964, p. 670.

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