The Plot

(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

Logan’s Run is set in Greater Los Angeles, where life is publicly erotic and secretly violent. All the world’s inhabitants are supposed to follow the color code of a personal handprint flower designating their age. It is first yellow, then blue, then red (from the ages of fourteen to twenty-one), and finally black, which designates Lastday. At that time, the citizen must voluntarily enter a Sleepshop to die. Those who rebel and run for the fabled Sanctuary are regarded with hatred by the populace and are pursued by Sandmen with weapons. Each Sandman has a gun loaded with six types of weapon: homer, tangler, vapor producer, nitro, ripper, and blister.

Sandman Logan 3 is close to his own Lastday when he finds a key to Sanctuary left by a runner, Doyle 10. Doyle’s twin, Jessica 6, is about to reach her Lastday. Logan’s partner Francis pursues both Logan and Jessica when they run for Sanctuary. Logan’s original motive is to find the route to Sanctuary and then destroy it to become a world hero. Jessica does not trust him, but he protects her through many adventures.

Eventually Logan’s own Lastday arrives, and he falls in love with Jessica; together, with the unexpected assistance of Francis, they reach an escape rocket. First they must pass the world’s oldest man, Ballard, in the jungle-surrounded ruins of the Capitol in Washington, D.C. On the way, they encounter a murderous gang of cub scouts who use Muscle, a drug that...

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