Liza Cody Biography


(Masterpieces of Fiction, Detective and Mystery Edition)

Born Liza Nassim on April 11, 1944, Liza Cody spent her childhood in London. Attracted to the visual and graphic arts, she studied at the London Art School and later at the Royal Academy School of Art, where she excelled at painting and design. Cody’s training and abilities led her to a position at Madame Tussauds wax museum in London, where she worked as a studio technician. An interesting milieu for a future writer of crime fiction, Tussauds houses some grim likenesses of notorious London killers, including Jack the Ripper. Cody found additional employment as a graphic designer and painter, but it was not in the art world that she would leave her mark on British popular culture. On the successful publication of her first novel, Dupe (1980), Cody focused her energies full time on writing.

Cody would pen additional novels featuring Anna Lee, including Bad Company (1982), Stalker (1984), Head Case (1985), Under Contract (1986), and Backhand (1991). The popularity of Anna Lee led to a successful British television series based on Cody’s novels produced by London Weekend Television (LWT) Productions. Later, Arts & Entertainment (A&E) aired the five episodes on American television. Purportedly Cody’s dissatisfaction with the medium’s interpretation of her chief character, Anna Lee, led the author to begin a new series with a different female lead, professional wrestler Eva Wylie.


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