The Living Theatre Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Drama Criticism)

Childish Jokes [by Paul Goodman] 1951

He Who says Yes and He Who says No [by Bertolt Brecht] 1951

Ladies' Voices [by Gertrude Stein] 1951

Desire Trapped by the Tail [by Pablo Picasso] 1952

Faustina [by Paul Goodman] 1952

The Heroes [by John Ashbery] 1952

Sweeney Agonistes [by T. S. Eliot] 1952

Ubu the King [by Alfred Jarry] 1952

The Age of Anxiety [by W. H. Auden] 1954

Phèdre [by Jean Racine] 1955

Tonight We Improvise [by Luigi Pirandello] 1955

The Connection [by Jack Gelber] 1959

Many Loves [by William Carlos Williams] 1959

The Apple [by Jack Gelber] 1961

Red Eye of Love [by Arnold Weinstein] 1961

Man Is Man [by Bertolt Brecht] 1962

The Brig [by Kenneth H. Brown] 1963

Mysteries and Smaller Pieces 1964

Frankenstein 1965

The Maids [by Jean Genet] 1965

Antigone 1967

Paradise Now 1968

Christmas Cake for the Hot Hole and the Cold Hole 1970

Seven Meditations on Political Sado-Masochism 1973

The Destruction of the Money Tower 1975

Six Public Acts 1975

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Is There Something Wrong with the Way We Work? 1976

Why Are We Afraid of Sexual Freedom? 1976

Brothers, Don't Shoot! 1977

The One and The Many (Masse Mensch} [by Ernst Toller] 1980

The Yellow Methuselah [by Hanon Reznikov] 1982

The Archeology of Sleep [by Julian Beck] 1983

The Body of God 1990

Anarchia 1993

German Requiem [by Eric Bentley] 1995

Not in My Name 1997

Capital Changes [by Hanon Reznikov] 1998

Revolution and Counterrevolution [by Julian Beck] (theory) 1968

Conversations with Julian Beck and Judith Malina [edited by Jean-Jacques Lebel] 1969

The Life of the Theatre [by Julian Beck] (theory) 1972

The Connection 1960

The Brig 1963

Paradise Now 1970

Signals through the Flames: The Story of The Living Theatre 1983