The Living Theatre Criticism: The Archaeology Of Sleep - Essay

Criticism: The Archaeology Of Sleep

(Drama Criticism)

SOURCE: Rich, Frank. A Review of The Archaeology of Sleep. In Hot Seat: Theatre Criticism for the New York Times, 1980–1993, pp. 289–92. New York: Random House, 1998.

[In the following review, originally published in 1984, Rich pans The Living Theatre and its production of The Archaeology of Sleep.]

As is their wont, the nomadic members of the Living Theatre scamper through the aisles of their new temporary New York home, the Joyce Theatre. And, as is also their wont, they're not content to leave well enough alone. Suddenly, I found a performer poised above me, asking the question, “Are you afraid if I touch you like this?” And, even as the performer's...

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