The Living Theatre Criticism: Author Commentary - Essay

Judith Malina and Kenneth Brown with Richard Schechner (interview date 1964)

(Drama Criticism)

SOURCE: Malina, Judith, Kenneth Brown, and Richard Schechner. “Interviews with Judith Malina and Kenneth Brown.” Tulane Drama Review 8, no. 3 (spring 1964): 207–19.

[In the following interview, Schechner talks first with Malina and then with Kenneth Brown, the author of The Brig, about the Internal Revenue Service's seizure of The Living Theatre's assets and about The Brig.]

[Malina:] This interview is being conducted from the street to the third floor, which is the office of The Living Theatre. Richard Schechner is down on the street now with an improvised megaphone. It is 1:30 a.m., Friday, October 19th. My name is Judith Malina. I'm standing in the...

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Steve Ben Israel with Arthur Sainer (interview date 1971)

(Drama Criticism)

SOURCE: Israel, Steve Ben with Arthur Sainer. “The Living Theatre.” The New Radical Theatre Notebook, pp. 249–55. New York: Applause, 1997.

[In the following transcript of a radio interview broadcast on WBAI-FM in New York City in 1971, Israel, a member of The Living Theatre, describes how The Living Theatre created plays with children in a Brazilian village.]

Comments on The Mother's Day Play, one of the projected 150-play plays in The Legacy of Cain.

Having watched the development of the Living Theatre from its early Connection days to the time when it moved away not only from prepared scripts and from interiors of...

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