Little Women Topics for Further Study
by Louisa May Alcott

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Topics for Further Study

(Novels for Students)

Imagine you are assigned to create a soundtrack for Little Women. Think about each of the four March girls, Laurie, and Marmee. Choose a song or musical composition that best reflects each character's personality, dreams, and emotional landscape. What are the songs that you choose?

Research birth-order theories and consider how the dynamics among the sisters support or refute such theories. Report on your findings.

Although modern wars have important roles for women, the Civil War was much more of a man's war. See what you can learn about women during the time of the Civil War. In what ways did they contribute to the war effort both on the front (in hospitals, for example) and at home?

Examine the lives of other prominent American women writers to see if there are parallels between their life experiences and Louisa May Al-cott's. Do you find that they are vastly different, or that there are significant similarities? Also, did most women use their given names, or did they take pseudonyms, perhaps even male pseudonyms (such as British author George Eliot)? How do you account for the decision to reveal female gender (or not) as a writer in the nineteenth century?