What is Meg's usual attire in Little Women?

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At the beginning of the book, Meg wears old clothes, but she dreams of the old days, when her family was wealthier and she could wear nicer clothes. Though Meg has to wear poplin to balls, she dreams of wearing silk, and she is very careful to wear gloves. When she attends the ball at Laurie's house, she wears silvery drab with a blue velvet snood trimmed with lace and a pearl pin. While she wears thin, drab, old dresses, she dreams of luxury, and she is finally able to dress in finery when she is at the Moffats' house. The girls who are attending parties at the Moffats' house dress Meg up and crimp her hair and put powder on her arms. Laurie, who sees her at the party, calls her foolish, and she realizes the error of her ways. Her mother tells her that while it is nice to be rich, it is better to be loved. After that time, Meg dedicates herself to simplicity, and she is married to John in a simple dress that enhances her natural beauty, and she eschews silk, lace, and flowers. 

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