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Key events and climax of "Little Women."


Major events in "Little Women" include the March sisters growing up, facing personal and financial struggles, and finding their individual paths. Key moments are Meg's marriage, Jo's literary pursuits, Beth's illness and eventual death, and Amy's artistic development. The climax occurs when Jo turns down Laurie's marriage proposal, leading to significant personal growth for both characters.

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What happens at the end of Little Women?

By the end of Little Women, both joy and tragedy have befallen the March family. Beth has died, having never really recovered from the illness she suffered earlier in the story.

Jo, having earlier rejected Laurie's proposal of marriage, has married Professor Bhaer, and the two decide to use the property which has been left to Jo to open a school for boys, where Jo and Professor Bhaer can live out their shared passion for teaching. Earlier, Jo had met the professor while working as a governess in New York.

Meg has married John Brooke, who had been Laurie's tutor earlier in the book. He had inadvertently made his feelings for Meg known to Laurie when Laurie discovered a glove that Mr. Brooke had stolen from his future wife.

Amy has spent time in Europe and become close to Laurie, who eventually proposes marriage after managing to let go of the feelings he had previously had for Jo.

With all three of her surviving daughters settled, Marmie celebrates her sixtieth birthday, and the family comes together for a grand celebration at Plumfield. The novel ends with Marmie's declaration that she has no greater wish for any of the girls than their current levels of happiness being sustained. All three have found happiness, in spite of their humble beginnings and the death of their sister.

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What is the climax of "Little Women"?

The climax of Little Women is more than likely the moment when Laurie proposes marriage to Jo, and still after all the vicissitudes that Jo went through found the courage to decline the marriage proposal. What this did was to instill in her a sense of self as a woman and as an independent person and was a move that nobody saw coming, maybe not even Jo.

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