Little Women Chapter 29 Summary
by Louisa May Alcott

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Chapter 29 Summary

One day Amy prods Jo to help her make several visits to neighbors who have recently visited them. People expect such social calls to be returned, and Amy feels that it is important to uphold appearances. Jo, on the other hand, finds social niceties annoying. She resists going and only agrees after Amy begs and flatters. The girls dress up in their best clothes—Amy happily and Jo grumpily—and step out into the world.

Before the girls visit the first house, Amy tells Jo to act calm and quiet. Jo responds by sitting in utter silence, refusing to speak unless people ask her a question—and even then she responds only with a stiff “yes” or “no.” Afterward, Amy scolds her sister and commands her to be friendlier.

At the second house, Jo imitates May Chester, a frivolous but fashionable young lady in their social circle. Jo charms everyone present and tells several stories about Amy’s cleverness, but her sister finds the stories highly embarrassing. They move on to the third house, where Amy tells Jo to do whatever she pleases. Jo spends the majority of her time playing with the little boys who live there, messing up her clothes and embarrassing Amy further.

Just before going home, the two girls call on Aunt March, who likes to see them dressed up in their best clothes. When they enter, Aunt March is sitting with another of their relatives, Aunt Carrol. The two aunts go abruptly quiet as the girls enter; it is clear that the March girls have been the subject of their discussion. The narrator hints that happy experiences will come to the girl who impresses the two aunts most.

In the conversation that follows, Amy mentions...

(The entire section is 450 words.)