Little Women Chapter 23 Summary
by Louisa May Alcott

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Chapter 23 Summary

The day after Christmas, the girls stay close to Father and try to make him happy and comfortable. The mood is festive, although Jo is upset that Father’s return brought Mr. Brooke as well. She implores Meg not to go off and get married. Meg claims that if anyone asks her about marriage, she will simply send him away.

Just then, Mr. Brooke stops by for a visit. Jo leaves, and he tells Meg that he would like to marry her someday, if she will have him. He does not think she needs to agree just yet, but he asks if she would consider trying to like him. Forgetting her plan, Meg stammers that she does not know. Mr. Brooke enjoys the look of sweet uncertainty in her face, and he clearly feels confident that he will win her heart in time.

This confidence nettles Meg a bit. Her friends have taught her that women should not give in to men too easily, so she tries to put him off a little. She insists that she does not like him and demands that he leave her alone. Confused, Mr. Brooke begs her not to make a game of the conversation.

Mr. Brooke is on the brink of leaving—and possibly giving up entirely—when Aunt March bursts in. She has come to see Father, but she stops and gapes at Meg and Mr. Brooke. He steps into the other room for propriety’s sake, and Aunt March tells Meg it would be folly to marry a penniless, unproven young man. She says that if Meg marries Brooke, they will never receive any of her money.

Aunt March’s speech awakens a latent rebellious spirit in Meg, and she defends Mr. Brooke, calling him “my John” as if they were already engaged. Aunt March leaves in a huff, and John returns from the next room to say...

(The entire section is 471 words.)