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Regina Giddens

Regina Giddens, a conniving and grasping woman. Eager for her share in the profits of a proposed cotton mill, she contrives to get her fatally ill husband, Horace, home from the hospital to be worked on by her family to supply her share of the needed investment. When he refuses to have anything to do with the project, she cruelly taunts him with her contempt and refuses him his medicine when he feels the onset of a fatal attack.


Benjamin and

Oscar Hubbard

Oscar Hubbard, Regina Giddens’ conniving and grasping brothers. Lacking Regina’s share of the investment needed for the construction of the cotton mill, they descend on the fatally ill Horace Giddens in an attempt to persuade him to put up the money. When he refuses to have anything to do with the venture, they “borrow” his bonds and go off to complete the deal.

Horace Giddens

Horace Giddens, Regina Giddens’ honest, fatally ill husband. Sick of his scheming wife and her grasping family, he refuses to invest in the projected cotton mill. When he learns of the theft of his bonds by Benjamin and Oscar Hubbard, he ties Regina’s hands by planning a will that makes her the beneficiary of the bonds. He dies when she deprives him of his medicine.


Alexandra, the daughter of Regina and Horace Giddens. Sickened by the treatment given her father by her mother and her uncles, she leaves Regina and the Hubbards after Horace’s death.

Birdie Hubbard

Birdie Hubbard, Oscar Hubbard’s wife, who longs for a return to the refinements of a bygone day.

Leo Hubbard

Leo Hubbard, Oscar Hubbard’s son, an ally in the theft of Horace Giddens’ bonds.


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