Part 1, Chapters 30-32 Summary

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The stranger is M. Rigaud, but he introduces himself as Blandois. Flintwinch greets him and shows him up to Mrs. Clennam at his request. Blandois is gallant toward Mrs. Clennam, who is taken in by the letter that Blandois presents to her, requesting that money be given to him. Blandois is interested in the watch by Mrs. Clennam’s side, especially the initials “D.N.F.” Mrs. Clennam explains that this means “Do Not Forget,” some message from her deceased husband. Blandois asks Flintwinch to show him around the house. Affery is upset by the appearance of Blandois, but Flintwinch explains that she is an idiot. Blandois asks Flintwinch to show him a place to stay, so Flintwinch takes him to a nearby coffee house. Blandois promises to come to see Flintwinch and Mrs. Clennam the following day, but Flintwinch learns that Blandois has left England to return to the Continent.

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Nandy, Mrs. Plornish’s father, is let out of the Workhouse for his birthday. He walks back to the Marshalsea with Amy, having made Mr. Dorrit’s acquaintance when Mr. Plornish was imprisoned for a short time. Fanny is outraged that Amy would allow herself to be seen with a pauper. Mr. Dorrit is also angry with her, even though Nandy is his friend. Amy is in tears when Maggy brings a letter (containing money) from Arthur, saying that he will be visiting them. Mr. Dorrit’s mood changes quickly, seeing the money, and invites Nandy to stay for some tea. Tip is also present when Arthur arrives. Tip is very rude to Arthur because the latter did not lend him money when he asked. Mr. Dorrit is outraged and leaves, as do the others, except Maggy and Amy, which pleases Arthur, since he wants to talk to Amy alone (and Maggy does not count).

Arthur, upset to see Amy crying, assures her that he is not bothered by Tip’s rudeness. He opens up to her and tells her that he forgot how old he is and fancied himself in love with someone who is now promised to someone else. Amy asks if it is Flora, but Arthur tells her it definitely is not Flora. He urges Amy to confide in him as he has confided in her, should she ever feel the need. Pancks and Rugg arrive and tell Arthur that they have made an important discovery about Mr. Dorrit. It is good news, Pancks say, and he has several documents to prove it.

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