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One of the themes in The Little Clay Cart by Shudraka is poverty. The main character, Chrudatta, lives in poverty and stays in a run-down house. Despite this, the people in his community consider him a good man. The author reveals the embarrassment that Chrudatta feels because of his economic status. The fact that he is known as an upright and noble man clouds this embarrassment.

Another theme in the story is infidelity. Despite Chudratta being happily married, Vasantasen infatuates him. They end up being lovers who look for any opportunity to meet. For instance, Vasantasen gives Chrudatta some jewelry to keep safely on her behalf so that she can see him again.

Furthermore, jealousy is manifested in the story. Chrudatta and Vasantasen agree to meet at Pushpakarandaka Park. However, Vasantasen boards the wrong horse, which Samsthnaka owns. Samsthnaka has always had feelings for Vasantasen and is pleased when he sees her. However, when she reveals that she loves Chrudatta, Samsthnaka becomes jealous and tries to kill her.

Injustice is a theme that is evident in the narrative. Chrudatta is wrongfully accused of murdering Vasantasen. Vasantasen’s jewels are found in his possession. However, no one is aware that Vasantasen is alive. Because of being poor, Chrudatta is incriminated with the court arguing that there is no way he could have afforded the jewels.




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