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The Little Clay Cart by Sudraka is a play about the extramarital relationship between Chrudatta and his lover Vasantasen. The author was an Indian playwright as well as a king. The play was originally written in Sanskrit and later translated to English. The author writes the story to reveal that cheating is not right and can lead to a series of unfortunate events. The main theme of the play is infidelity. Despite the author revealing the consequences of having an affair, he still stresses the fact that true love prevails as both Chrudatta and Vasantasen reunite in the end.

The play is captivating because the plot is unpredictable. For instance, the arrest of Chrudatta surprised me and I did not see him reuniting with his lover in the end. The play is applicable to real-life as the rights of the poor in most cases are neglected in the justice system. Furthermore, infidelity has become a mainstream occurrence in today’s society. Therefore, I relate with the events that take place in the play. Despite The Little Clay Cart being set in India, I feel that the play’s themes are applicable to any society in the world today.


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