Literary Techniques

Although Berger's novel is apparently a loose and episodic narrative, it is in reality modeled on the more sophisticated achievements in the...

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Little Big Man Ideas for Group Discussions

Some of the possibilities here are obvious. Readers can focus on Berger's seriocomic view of the West and his depiction of the culture of the...

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Little Big Man Literary Precedents

Little Big Man follows the tradition of the picaresque novel in obvious ways: The hero is a rogue who undergoes comic and antiheroic...

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Little Big Man Related Titles

No other Berger novel deals explicitly with the American West, but elements of parody and satire are major forces in Arthur Rex (1978)...

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Little Big Man Adaptations

An ambitious film version of Little Big Man was released in 1970 to a mixed response from reviewers and the public. Directed by Arthur...

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Little Big Man Bibliography

(Masterpieces of American Literature)

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