Chapter 9 Summary

Little Bee begins Chapter 9 with a promise to tell about the day her own story changed. Sarah has come into Little Bee's room with the announcement that she has taken the day off work and that she is taking both Charlie and Little Bee into London for an "adventure." Little Bee does not want to go. She likes the calm cocoon of Heathrow. Sarah, however, is insistent, and Little Bee reluctantly agrees to accompany them.

As she prepares for their outing, Little Bee reflects on the definition of adventure. She thinks back to the time when she and her sister Nkiruka were little girls, sneaking out at night to watch the moon in the jungle. She remembers a time when they got lost in the brush one night and had to wait until dawn to find their way home. Nkiruka was still asleep as the sun began to rise. Little Bee decided to explore before waking up her sister. She walked just a bit away from the place where Nkiruka slumbered and came upon an abandoned jeep. The vehicle had been sitting there for so long that it had been taken over by the jungle. Vines enveloped it, growing through and around. Inside, a skeleton sat at the wheel, he too having been overwhelmed by natural law.

The sound of Sarah's voice brings Little Bee back into the present. The two go off to get Charlie and leave for their adventure in London. Sarah, Charlie, Lawrence, and Little Bee take the train into the city; it is the first time Little Bee has ever ridden the rails.

When they disembark, Sarah walks ahead with Charlie while Lawrence and Little Bee trail behind. Lawrence offers to point out landmarks, but Little Bee is not interested. She does not know how Lawrence can pretend everything between them is copacetic. Lawrence says that they have little choice; they are stuck with each other as each has ammunition against the other. He is trying to make the best of it, he claims.

Little Bee falls silent and watches the great processions...

(The entire section is 692 words.)