Chapter 6 Summary

Chapter 6 finds Sarah making an excursion into the "field" to work on a story, something she had not done in some time; she wants to prove to her staff that she still has the chops to do this kind of reporting. She sets out to write an optimistic piece, but finds the task eludes her. She is still emotionally in turmoil. But rather than being overcome with grief at Andrew's loss, Sarah finds she is angry with him.

Back at her office, Lawrence, Sarah's lover and coworker, has come to see her. Sarah does not greet him warmly but soon apologizes for her abruptness. As they talk about events around the newsroom and other work-related items, Sarah finds herself reflecting on the history of their affair. She characterizes the relationship as akin to "handing out in-flight meals on a plane crash." The two of them had escaped their own tragedies and found refuge in each other.

What Sarah had with Lawrence was totally different from what she had with her husband. Sarah gave herself "completely to Lawrence." They had intense sexual relations. She realizes that at first, she was looking only for an affair, but she began to adore Lawrence, then to love him. She notices the change in her everyday demeanor. She felt "wonderful." She is not, however, in any way ready to leave Andrew, nor is Lawrence ready to leave his wife and family.

The affair continues for months. However, as the publishing world is really quite small, one day, Andrew, also a writer, bumps into Sarah and Lawrence at a party. He figures out what is going on. Later, they talk about saving the marriage. The conversation does not go well. Andrew leaves for six days. They have tense conversations on the phone. Lawrence calls in between Sarah's talks with Andrew. He wants to come over. Sarah refuses. She wants to keep their worlds separate. After another tense conversation with Andrew, during which he calls her a "slut" and Sarah pleads that it was "just sex," Sarah...

(The entire section is 520 words.)