Chapter 11 Summary

Five minutes after Little Bee's phone call, the police arrive. As Little Bee watches the officers push through the crowd, she thinks about how much Charlie would enjoy the spectacle. As they approach, she hears over the crackle of their radios that Charlie has been found. She smiles at the news until she sees the officer is not smiling in return. He is looking at her very seriously.

Little Bee knows that even a cursory inquiry into her immigration status will result in trouble. She scans his face to detect whether he might be cruel or kind but sees no indication of either type of personality. He is too young and inexperienced on the job to have developed such nuances.

The policeman wants to know Little Bee's relationship to the missing child. She tries to sidestep the issue but he will not allow it. He demands her name and wants to know why she appears to be so nervous. Little Bee tries her trick of channeling the voice and authority of the queen. She demands, "How dare you?"

It "almost worked." The officer backs off for a second, just long enough for Little Bee to make a run for it. She does not make it two steps before the literal long arm of the law stops her in her tracks. He places Little Bee in the back of his patrol car.

He demands, again, to know her name. Little Bee knows she is caught and gives it to him. The officer calls for an additional unit. A van arrives and Little Bee is transferred from the police car into the back of the van. She watches until the forms of Sarah, Charlie, and Lawrence are no longer visible.

Sarah and Lawrence come the same evening to visit Little Bee, who has been placed in a holding cell at the police station. Sarah has a sleeping Charlie in her arms, and seeing him safe and happy pleases Little Bee.

Lawrence remains outside the cell, arguing that deporting Little Bee is too extreme. The officer claims that he is just following the law. Lawrence...

(The entire section is 602 words.)