Literature in Response to the September Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)


Abramsky, Sasha. “Fiction for Fearful Times.” Chronicle of Higher Education 48, no. 2 (6 September 2001): B6-B8.

Abramsky presents reflections on the affect of September 11 on fiction.

Berger, Warren. “Clear and Present Danger: Touring Ground Zero with Tom Clancy.” Book (January-February 2002): 54-7.

Berger provides an account of author Tom Clancy's visit to ground zero in New York City, following the September 11 attacks, drawing parallels between Clancy's works and the events of that day.

Brady, Diane. “Superman Treatment for a Real-Life Hero.” Business Week, no....

(The entire section is 498 words.)